Water Oak


O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the Earth!  (Psalm 8:1)


Water Oak was begun in 2000 by Michael Wolfe, a Certified Senior Ecologist.  Mr. Wolfe has a B.S. in Botany, a Master's degree in Ecological Biology, and he did his thesis on the federally-protected, endangered wild sunflower Helianthus schweinitzii. He is formally trained in wetlands delineations, protected species surveys, and applied fluvial geomorphology, among other professional enrichment studies.  He began conducting environmental investigations over 25 years ago, and since that time has worked on numerous projects throughout much of the eastern United States and beyond.  

Water Oak believes that the earth is the Lord’s, and that we are to be responsible stewards of this incredible world.  In developing our homes and operational facilities, and the infrastructure that improves and enhances our ways of life, we should also strive to preserve and protect our natural environment. Good residential neighborhoods, electric power, water treatment and distribution systems, fuel supply, hospitals, schools, business centers, roadways, telecommunications networks – these and numerous other human designs and constructs support and enrich our existence.  Yet clean air, clear streams and lakes, mature forests, wildflower meadows, natural landscapes, and healthy wildlife populations are also vital to our well-being.  Water Oak serves to help achieve the balance.