Water Oak


Water Oak assists with regulatory compliance with the Endangered Species Act, including surveying for the federally protected species Helianthus schweinitzii, (Schweinitz's sunflower). 
Various plant and animal species are protected by federal and state regulations, including the Endangered Species Act. Whether as part of a Section 404 authorization from the US Army Corps of Engineers, or part of a NEPA/SEPA Environmental Assessment (EA), or as a stand-alone concern, project development may require a survey for the possible presence of protected species.

Over the past 20 plus years, Water Oak's Michael Wolfe has worked on numerous species surveys in the southeast, mid-Atlantic and mid-west regions of the U.S., either as the prime consultant or as a manager of sub-consultants. Mr. Wolfe's experience includes work with the following species of concern:

  • Schweinitz's sunflower (Helianthus schweinitzii)
  • Dwarf=flowered heartleaf (Hexastylis naniflora)
  • Smooth coneflower (Echinacea laevigata)
  • Running buffalo clover (Trifolium stoloniferum)
  • Swamp pink (Helonias bullata)
  • Small whorled pogonia (Isotria medeoloides)
  • Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
  • Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis)
  • Bog turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii)
  • Carolina heelsplitter (Lasmigona decorata)

Contact Water Oak for assistance with the appropriate level of protected species surveys, including virtually year-round reconnaissance for Schweinitz's sunflower (Helianthus schweinitzii). 

For additional specific information on Schweinitz's sunflower (Helianthus schweinitzii), see the following website links:.